Online Slots

Playing slots online has never been easier, if you are familiar with the old fruit machines or one arm bandits your going to love the modern online slot machine. On this page we have reviewed the most popular online slot machines available at the various online casinos. Simply click on a game review name to learn about the features, preview the game screens and watch the introduction videos. We even list the casino new member welcome bonuses available to new players. Below we have separated the games into sections based on the software vendor and the type of game.

Playing Online Slots

There are two types of online slots available for you to play. You can either play the real money online slots or if you don’t like risking any of your own money but enjoy playing slots, then you can play the free online slot games.

Online casinos offer free online slot games for you to play with no risk of losing any of your own funds. You simply download the casino software and open a play money account and enjoy playing the most popular slot machines online without any risk.

You may choose to just use the instant slot option without downloading any casino software. Sometimes we don’t have the time to start downloading programs and registering for an account and this option is great for those in a hurry who have just a few minutes to kill.

Sometimes there are problems with the Flash or Java based instant slots so you may need to upgrade to the latest Adobe Flash Player.

Connection speeds and your own internet security settings are other common problems people face when playing the instant casino slot machine in their web browser.

The other slot machine option you have is the real money slots. The real money slots give you the chance to strike it rich and this is the real lure of what makes playing online slots exciting.

The progressive jackpot slots can reach enormous amounts and it is commonplace for these slot jackpots to exceed a million dollars.

If you do play progressive slots then always bet the maximum or you can’t win the progressive jackpot should you hit it.
Real money slots certainly provide big winners in the world of online casino play and the beauty of these online casino games is that you can have fun playing online slots without being a gambling expert like you probably need to be for casino games like blackjack, craps and poker.

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Online Slots Safety

One question that many people want answered when playing slots online is how safe is? What sort of online slots safety and security measures are in place to protect me?

The online casino industry uses the same 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Digital Encryption that the banking industry uses for online banking. This is an industry standard and the best technology available for online casinos to use in their efforts to protect the privacy and money of their customers.

Online Slots Security

An aspect of online slots security that you should always look at is who does the auditing for the casino? Is this company promoted on the casino slot website as the auditor or can’t you find this information?

eCOGRA is the independent standards authority of the online gaming industry in the U.K and have been set up to protect the rights of online casino players.

They oversee things like prompt payments to customers, game fairness and whether the online casino is ensuring safe storage of your personal information.

A certificate is then issued to the casino to display on their site to give customers some peace of mind that this is a legitimate and professionally run online casino that you can trust when playing online slots.

Slot Gaming

Slot games were made to keep waiting wives busy while their husbands whiled away their time and money on the real casino games such as poker and blackjack, but a century onwards they have become one of the biggest money spinners for the casinos worldwide and a popular choice for players.
The earlier machines had spinning wheels with different numbers or symbols imprinted on them, but they have now made way for computerized Slot machines with a random number generator. Here is a little overview.

Welcome to the machine

The earlier machines usually had three wheels, each imprinted with ten or twelve symbols. The machines used nowadays have a random number generator (RNG) that fishes out a number as soon as you pull the lever; these generated numbers decide the outcome of the bet. Other than the aesthetic advantage for the player, these machines offer much higher odds as the number of possible outcomes has increased by manifolds. These can be broadly classified into straight slot machines and progressive slot machines.

In a straight slot machine the jackpot is constant at its default value while the progressive slot machines are more enticing to a player by the virtue that the jackpot goes on accumulating as more and more coins are played in the machine. An online slot machine is a graphical reproduction of these machines and work on the same RNG principle. The machine is similar in all respects other than the physical contact, including the lights and the music. A slot machine may have three, four or five reels with increasing odds.

The winning odds

The odds on a slot machine vary with the value they use to generate RNG series. For a machine with such a value as sixty four, the chance for a person to strike a jackpot becomes one in 262144. However strict regulatory laws world over ensure a payback percentage of around 95%, that means, that at an average for every dollar put in to the machine, it gives out 95 cents as winnings. The computer chip in the slot machine cannot be replaced or tampered by the casino thus making it cheat free.


These might be the production of a loose gambler who had had a little too much to drink, or they might be rumors started by casinos themselves to generate interest, whatever be the source, it would not help to warm a coin in your palms before putting it into the slot, nor is one machine more likely to strike you a jackpot than the one beside it. Since all bets depend upon the numbers generated in RNG, a machine about to hit a jackpot is impossible to predict.