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Welcome to best slot sites portal – I’m a Wacky Guy, the most consistent website dedicated to British gamblers looking for a useful online resource to satisfy their need for reliable information, recommendations (casinos where they can play in their own currency), ideas (games to play), advice (tips and strategies) and updated listings (trustworthy casinos, available games for each casino, etc.). The number of UK online casinos is quite impressive. We can help you choose among them the best ones.

Best Slot Sites in UK

British players are prone to selecting UK based casinos because they want to play in their own currency, the British Pound Sterling. It is indeed much easier to play in your own currency without being compelled to go through the process of exchange, which can take time and the rates are not always convenient. We are one of the best UK guides to online casinos promoting safe, trustworthy and reputable operators residing in UK, submitted to the UK legislation and possessing a European license to operate.

We are totally impartial and the casinos listed by our portal are selected according to rigorous terms like commitment to customer and fair gaming. In such an overwhelming and risky gambling environment, our portal’s mission is to maintain the excitement within the limits of honesty and responsibleness. In any circumstances, we kindly ask you to avoid those UK online casinos, which are not listed by us. We believe that gamblers, especially beginners, need to have access to relevant information before they start playing games online. Our evaluations and reviews are intended to act not as an education to them but rather as enlightenment. Everybody needs a friend before taking important decisions.

Compared to the American, the UK legislation is very tolerable towards the online gambling sector. That’s why finding a UK online casino is an easy job. But how can you be sure it is a good one? We advise not to be hasty in your choice and take time to study every casino website really carefully to make sure you found the right one. Or you can approach a better alternative. To spare yourself from so much wasted time, just pick one of the online casinos listed by UK Online Casino portal and you will certainly not regret it.

uk slot sites

Thee specificity of the UK gambling market reveals a low degree of addictive gambling manifestations. British players are fond of enjoying themselves, like everybody does, but they also prefer to be careful, that is why most of them adopt a smart attitude towards playing. Instead of flying to Las Vegas or plunging themselves in the nearest casino, they go online and apply the best strategies to conquer substantial bonuses and incredible jackpots. All the websites promoted, have been tested not only for fair gaming but also for good services, creative graphics, excellent customer support, great bonuses and frequent traffic (coming from UK but also the rest of the countries).

We want to make sure that no bad experience will ever happen to our visitors when playing at the recommended online casinos. They all respect very high technical, content and support standards. We consider safety and security as intrinsic conditions a casino must be able to fulfill, along with practicing accurate payouts and fair bonuses. The journey into the online gambling world is easier with our guiding and impartial advice.

Besides indicating the best websites to play at, we also feature a lot of information about online casino games commonly favored by UK players (Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Casino War, Caribbean Stud Poker, Keno, Pai Gow, Sic Bo, Slots), their rules, strategies, payouts, available promotions as well as the best payment methods practiced by UK online casinos. We are trying to cover every aspect of virtual casino gambling and make you fall in love with it.

The thrill and experience of playing will certainly raise your spirits and reveal another perspective on fun. As a beginner, you must be confused about many things: you are probably wondering how to select the best online casino, how to make a deposit, how to trust such a wide variety of bonuses, how to choose the best game to play and how to withdraw your money. We are here to answer all your questions and make you understand how things work out in the online casino gambling universe.

Our guide includes double advantage: to UK players, on the one hand, because they are offered the most complete and trustworthy information to expand their knowledge about online gambling, and to UK online casinos, on the other hand, because if listed here their good reputation is thus universally acknowledged and they benefit from excellent promotion. Based on many years of experience, we deem to be the best free online casinos portal targeting beginners as well as advanced players.

It’s a fact that once they visit our website they stop looking for another online gambling resource. Everything they need to know is carefully selected and compiled into several sections. UK players are invited to browse through us and start their online gaming adventure from here. They will be subsequently directed towards the safest and most reliable UK online casinos to experience the emotion of playing without worrying about anything. Our website is like a large entrance hall where you get food, drinks, nice company and advice before entering the multitude of existing ballrooms for dancing and fun.

Trend Online Casinos

Since the introduction of World Wide Web in 1990s, casinos have been on internet. Despite every effort made by the US government to ban casinos, day by day, this industry is booming to great heights. Online casinos attract players with their promotions and bonus packages for increasing their customers. These fantasies involved in online casinos increase the curiosity of people to try their luck once at least on these online casinos. And as we all know that gambling is an addiction, once tried, it becomes a habit, especially when you are shown that you win signup bonus without investing anything. It comes to the knowledge of the player later on that they will have to deposit a minimum amount at least in their account to get that cash bonus or any other attractive offer.

On internet, every year, huge amount of money is involved in bets. People make their life out of it and many people loose their peace of life in it. If it takes a second for a person in gambling to reach heights, it takes less than a second to come on roads. Besides all these factors which are known to people, gambling is done on its peak on every online casino gaming site, every night. A player should choose his game intelligently.

Trust should be their on part of the player for the online casino game before moving ahead. Online casino gambling games are purchased only from sources which are reliable like Micro gaming, real-time gaming etc. These games have loads of varieties. Few of them are online poker, blackjack and craps. Client offers games on the website which are played by the gamblers and finally, these clients cash big money.

Online Casinos have classified into three different types: Web based casinos (in which the player can simply browse for the online casino game on internet, upon finding one, can play it then and there), down based casinos (in this type, the player has to download the gaming software first, only then e can play the game) and the current one added is live casino (where one can play with live players on internet, with live broker as well. Everything done here is live).

With the increasing fantasies of online gambling among the youngsters as well, the US government is putting every effort to ban the casinos. In 1995, AGA (American Gaming Association) was found to promote education on online gambling. On June 28, 2001 an act was passed, Interactive gambling act 2001, for protecting Australians from the various ill impacts of gambling on oneself and society.

There is no doubt in the fact that money is used as honey to attract more and more people. With the introduction of internet in 1990s, online casinos have reached more masses. It has many adverse effects on our society especially children who are considered as future of any nation. Besides the ban of online casino websites on internet, their availability and comfort of people, to play the games at their own place where their children are mature enough to understand computers, affects their mind and studies.

This doesn’t conclude on one fact that one should not gamble at all on online websites. It says that one should keep gambling till entertainment only or one should stay away from it.

Portal of Casino Games

Like in land based online casinos, online casinos offer many payback options. Most of the online casinos portal give a good amount of payback, for slot machine players. Some portal sites publish their expense percentage on the home page. Online casinos are mainly based on reliability and trust. Casino sites adopt many methods to rise up their reputation. Usually they buy or rent gaming software from reputed companies like Playtech, Cryptology, Wager Works, Microgaming Casino, and Real time gaming. For slot machines, they use random number generators, which produce numbers, dices or cards randomly.

You can play the games without downloading software. There are some websites which allows playing games with the help of browser plug-ins like Java, Macro media Flash and Shock wave. This plug-ins is helpful to play the games more conveniently. Actually, they are making the games lively by adding animation and music.

Online casinos provide a wide range of games for players. They include Black Jack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Video poker, Slot machines etc. You can play games in your way, with the instructions of the website. Some websites have a range of online bingo games to attract normal players.

You can earn from the first deposit because online casinos give a signup bonus for their new members. There should be a pattern for getting the signup bonus which varies from one website to other. Usually the first deposit amount is a very low, when comparing to the fortune in the future.

Slot machine is the most popular and highly played game in online casinos. One reason for its popularity is the game is so simple to understand for a normal player. Adding to these, online casino websites have different kind of slot machine, aiming at different players. Most common one is, coin controlled slot machine with more than three reels. These reels are the real controllers of the game. They spin with the trigger movement from the player. Currency detector inside the slot machine detects the value of the money you inserted. You can win the game if you get the correct match. For example, three dollar signs for three hats.